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The Inner Strength Weekly Round Up

What’s up and welcome back to!  My goal is to help you find your (and my) inner power! Also, welcome to my first weekly round up, where I bring you a collection of the most useful links to info I’ve found on the web this week.  If you like the round up posts, don’t forget to share on all your favorite social media sites with the hashtag #InnerStrengthRoundup!



Horse stance is a common training method in many styles of kung fu, but here’s a modern twist; try adding a mini-band around your knees to improve the position of your pelvis!

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I really enjoyed this episode of the “Martial Man” on YouTube. The best bit is at the beginning regarding “attachment & detachment”. Even though we don’t train this style of martial arts here at Inner Strength in Tempe, I still admire some of the nice, soft body skills these guys develop.


Posing with Sifu at the meditation retreat in August. I don’t look happy but I just finished grading for my new rank so I was cooked!


Check out this episode of The FitCast with Krista Scott-Dixon as she joins Kevin Larabee to talk about her new book “Why Me Want Eat,” strategies for changing eating habits, considerations for athletics and much more!

Krista is a big part of the team over at Precision Nutrition.
Krista Scott-Dixon

Don’t forget, in addition to being a martial arts and meditation coach, I’m also a PN level 1 nutrition coach, so if you’d like some help with losing fat or getting in shape and having more energy, contact me here to ask about it!