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Weekly Wound Up – Oct/02/2017

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Studying Socrates, or more importantly the Socratic method, is one of my next areas of self study. My Sifu, GM Sam Chin told me something along time ago along the lines of “learn to ask questions. Knock on their brain.”


A shot of me practicing my walking meditation at the Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA) in August.

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Man vs. Horse
There’s been some talk in the paleo/fitness world that ancient humans were successful hunters because they could outrun their prey over LONG distances. I cam across the video on NPR’s Facebook page that shows how this might have worked by pitting humans against horses in a modern day race. Running is one of those things for me: I have a runners build (long legs compared to torso), but I fancy myself a strength and power athlete. In high school I was actually a pretty good 400m runner, clocking in under 58 seconds! (not bad considering I joined the track team in my senior year on a whim)


Another episode of The Martial Man this week. I thought some of the way John Kaufman described the use of the joints rang close to home, although in my opinion, maybe the language wasn’t quite as clear as what I Liq Chuan uses. It would be interesting to “touch hands” with some of these guys.


Been binge-ing on the Fitcast after having rediscovered it again. This episode with Mike Roussell was great, especially on his concept of “food reconnaissance” your work place. It’s perfectly aligns with some of the success concepts of the Precision Nutrition process.

Episode 449: Catching Up w/ Mike Roussell

Mike Roussell