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Weekly Round Up 23-Oct-17



Low carb breakfast taco idea.
six eggs sunny side up with black pepper
fresh pico de gallo
feta cheese
green onion
1/2 small avocado

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Any chance I get to share a video of GM Sam Chin (my Sifu), I’m going to take it! This week’s Facebook post comes from my martial arts brothers in Norway who shared some video of Sifu’s recent visit to Oslo.



I really enjoyed this episode of the Paleo Solution with Mark Bell. Mark is a world class power lifting coach, but what I found most intriguing were Mark’s comments on the value of slow movements (also a cornerstone of the internal martial arts), the need to put in quality work, and how training should not be an event.

Episode 375 – Mark Bell – Intelligent Workouts, and The War on Carbs