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Why Strength Is So Important, Plus The Little Things & More – Weekly Roundup 19 NOV 18

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This recently published paper showed once again how important strength is to long term survival. Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown that the strongest 30% of the population have the lowest rates of illness and death, across all age brackets.

The study followed around 4500 people over a period of three years and found that the weakest individuals are most at risk for early death, regardless of other risk, and lifestyle factors.

If you want the best chance of living a long, and healthy life make sure you’re getting in some regular strength training. For general weight loss / health purposes, whole body twice a week is good enough for most people.


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It's not so much about WHAT you eat, it's more about WHY you eat, and why you eat what you eat. Lots of junk, or fast food gets eaten simply because of poor time management, lack of social support, emotional coping, etc. What's your reason? I can be guilty of all of the above sometimes, but by practicing simple, daily habits, including planning and meal prep, much less often, which is paying big dividends in health metrics like blood pressure and blood sugar. @Regran_ed from @thealanaragon – Excellent graphic by @antidiet_dietitian. It captures the importance of the big-picture focal points. These often hidden & overlooked factors are crucial to successful weight loss in the long-term. I had this in my story, but it’s worth immortalizing on the feed. #mindsetshift – #regrann

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Success is not the one magic bullet. No matter what your fitness, or weight loss goals may be, the secret to success is small actions, done consistently over time. There’s no magic diet that’s going to take the place of good, sound nutrition and exercise habits day in and day out. Understanding why you make the food choices you make, time management and some mindful eating practices are all necessary skills for long term, sustainable eating. If you would like some help finding answers to these and other questions that might be hurdles between you looking and feeling the way you want, check out our online coaching program here.


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This is Doug. Doug weighed himself every day for a year during his weight loss journey. He tracked his calories, and workouts and vlogged the whole thing as he lost 100 pounds.

Do you need to count calories to lose fat? Not necessarily, but that’s not what I find interesting about Doug’s videos. One of the things I find most interesting is his video views. On his stunning final transformation video, he has over a million views (a viral video), but most of his day to day vlog posts have maybe 1000 views or so.

What this says to me, is that, not that many people are interested in the “grind”. The small, daily actions I mentioned above that make the difference between success and failure.

Personally, I’m most interested in the small, daily actions Doug took to drop from 245 pounds to 145 pounds and 9% body fat.


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This week, we talk about opportunities to study with Venerable Jiru in Arizona, self proclaimed MMA fighter Xu, Xiaodong gaining international notoriety, why a calorie is not a calorie, nasal breathing vs. mouth breathing, and the role of temperature in optimizing your sleep.

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