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Two Hours Per Week Is Key Dose of Nature For Health & Wellbeing

While the Japanese martial arts are better known for their dojos, Chinese martial arts, like the one I practice, are more known for being practiced outdoors in local parks or secluded in nature.

Spending time outdoors has been known for a long time to improve overall health and wellbeing, and that’s one of the reasons I prefer to run all my classes outdoors in the local parks, but until now, there was no clear idea of what the minimum effective dose was.

paddle boarding in OR
Enjoying the outdoors paddleboarding at Applegate Lake in OR

A researcher from the UK looked at the issue recently and found that 120 minutes outdoors every week was the minimum needed to see improvements in health and wellness.

The good news is it doesn’t matter whether you get all 120 minutes in one shot, or broken up into a short walk in the local park several days a week, as long as your weekly total adds up to 120 minutes or more every week.

What can you do today to spend just a little more time outside?