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Just How Much Exercise Do We Need To Be Healthy?

As human beings, we need to move, and move often as a biological necessity.Our ancestors moved A LOT.

They had to in order to find and prepare food, start fires and build shelters. If you watch videos of people preparing foods in traditional manner, the first thing you notice is how much damn work it is! It ain’t just popping something prepared into the microwave.

In fact, even around just 70 years ago, 65% of people were directly involved in agriculture and the production of food. Even with modern technology, farming is still a lot of dang work.

I used to work on a dairy farm, and just feeding the cows was a workout. We used to use a two wheelbarrow system; you took a full wheelbarrow of silage and ran with it to the nearest cows and started dumping out the feed to each cow (and the dang cows are sticking their faces into the wheel barrow trying to knock it over so they get more feed), you need to feed the right amount to each cow and get back to the second wheelbarrow before it overfills and then repeat.

My point is that going to the gym is not the only way to get exercise. In fact, even if you DO go to the gym, but spend the rest of the day sitting on your ass, the time you spend in the gym is probably not enough to avoid the negative effects on your health.

Yes, this is another one of those LAME suggestions to park further away, take the stairs, etc. The truth may be boring, but it’s still the truth. Find ways to add simple activity to your life on a daily basis. Little hinges can swing big doors. All those little activities add up over time.

Our ancestors stood for more than half the day. House cleaning, yard work, manual labor, cooking, gardening, these are all examples of what scientists call “non-exercise activity” and the energy expended from that activity is often referred to as NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenisis).

I like to grind spices and salt in my mortar and pestle, and hand grind my coffee every morning for example.

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Weekly Round Up 23-Oct-17



Low carb breakfast taco idea.
six eggs sunny side up with black pepper
fresh pico de gallo
feta cheese
green onion
1/2 small avocado

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Any chance I get to share a video of GM Sam Chin (my Sifu), I’m going to take it! This week’s Facebook post comes from my martial arts brothers in Norway who shared some video of Sifu’s recent visit to Oslo.



I really enjoyed this episode of the Paleo Solution with Mark Bell. Mark is a world class power lifting coach, but what I found most intriguing were Mark’s comments on the value of slow movements (also a cornerstone of the internal martial arts), the need to put in quality work, and how training should not be an event.

Episode 375 – Mark Bell – Intelligent Workouts, and The War on Carbs

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My Week At A Buddhist Monastery pt.1 [Vlog #25]

I spent the week last week learning from this amazing monk at the MABA monestary in Augusta, MO. Make sure to go to my profile for a link to sign up for my FREE weekly newsletter and find your inner power! @luoyegongfu @luoyegongfu @luoyegongfu Classes held in Tempe, AZ and workshops worldwide. A complete #workout for #mindandbody. Check website for more info (link in bio) or call 3156280777. #arizonacollective #changewithchange #doyouthinkthatsairyourebreathingnow #findyourinnerpower #fitnessover40 #iliqchuan #innerstrengthgym #instagood #instagramaz #kungfu #kungfufighter #kungfutraining #martialartofawareness #martialartsgeek #martialartslife #martialartslifestyle #martialartsnerds #martialartstraining #meditationpractice #mindandbodybalance #mindfulnesscoach #movementculture #strongover40 #taichi #takingcareofmybody #zeninmotion #2017MABAretreat

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